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Manufacturing with Contract Auction

Find Machine Shops, Injection Molders, Fabricators, Clothing Manufacturers, and Other Manufacturers.

Who Uses Contract Auction? - Manufacturers and purchasers looking to post contract work as well as those looking for a Prototype Manufacturer are using our FREE marketplace. Buyers and purchasers can post their custom machining, clothing, product prototype and other manufacturing jobs for free & manufacturers and machine shops can connect, all for free. Contract Auction offers these free services to all manufacturing companies based in the US and Canada.

Rapid Prototyping - We offer services in helping companies and individuals to post their rapid prototyping work on the bidding platform. Contract Auction is the perfect place to find a manufacturer for your rapid prototype needs. Whether you need a SLA (Stereolithography), LOM (Laminated Object Manufacturing), SLS (Selective Laser Sintering), or other rapid prototyping needs, you can post your project here and expect manufacturers to bid on your work. When creating a new prototype or a prototype model, it's important to have your design accurately described and drawn in CAD, if possible. There are many companies online that can help you design your prototype instructions. If your prototype is proprietary, you may be especially concerned about the safety of posting your drawings on Contract Auction, we have a Non-Disclosure Agreement available for all users that will require all to sign before viewing your project.

Take your product development to the next stage by creating your prototype, nothing brings more ideas to a product than a physical model for discussion. You may also discuss privately your design with manufacturers on Contract Auction as well. Most of the bidders on Contract Auction offer prototyping services and prototyping production.

How Is Our Manufacturing Work Posting & Finding Platform Free? - Our service is currently supported by ad revenue and we intend to keep our basic work finding platform & services free. We plan to keep this service free to both job posters & manufacturers who want to post estimates on that work.

How Do Buyers and Manufacturers Typically Find Each Other? - Historically, manufacturers and machine shops have found work through spending astronomical amounts of money in advertising, marketing and/or membership fees to websites that allow them to bid on machining work or manufacturing work. The barrier to entry for these types of platforms has been very high, especially for the manufacturing companies who are doing the bidding.

Surprisingly, the process of finding a machine shop or manufacturer for your prototype or to create your custom product isn't much easier than it is for manufacturing companies to find work.

Buyers typically find machinists and manufacturers by doing a search through a manufacturer directory, a manufacturer list, calling and emailing companies one by one, trying to find a machine shops or manufacturer that can provide a quote for their custom product. This process is very time consuming and so few quotes are usually obtained that the buyer is usually left wondering if they are getting the cheapest, lowest cost and best quality production that they could be receiving.

Why Do We Provide These Services For Free? - Contract Auction now provides these services for free because we understand that by charging a fee for either job posting or bidding, the process is hindered on both sides. By charging a fee to the manufacturer, there are fewer manufacturers who will be able to join, thereby limiting the number of bids that each purchasing agent will receive on their posted job. This ends up being a disservice to the purchasing agents or buyers who are posting manufacturing jobs.

In order to maintain quality for both the bidders and posters, we have set up a feedback system where both parties are able to post ratings of each companies performance.

U.S. Manufacturing or Foreign Manufacturing? Many buyers debate whether or not to outsource their manufacturing, metalworking or tooling needs overseas or whether they should use a US Manufacturer, or a Canadian based manufacturer. Especially in the machining industry, surprisingly, the prices charged by machine shops for machining, metalworking and tooling in the US can rival foreign pricing. This is true, even when taking into account the discounted rate of foreign labor costs. Machining work in the US very often comes close in pricing to foreign machining companies due to the amount of automation available. The benefits of course in working with US or Canadian machine shops, when your company is based here, is that you can maintain the integrity of your copyrights and patents. There are definitely risks associated with taking your work overseas and the possibility of losing the control over your unique design.

Apparel & Garment Manufacturers - When searching for an apparel or garment manufacturer, although costs can be reduced by outsourcing the manufacturing of clothing overseas, there are still benefits to using a US based apparel manufacturer. There are reduced shipping costs, increased communication benefits and increased control over patents and copyrights.

Machine Work - Finding cnc machine work and posting work on Contract Auction is simple. The key with each job posted, is to be specific in the details of your prototype or manufacturing needs. If you need CNC machining, 3 axis, 4 axis or 5 axis machining, be specific. If you are looking for cnc milling or cnc lathe work, put that in your job description.

If you are looking for a prototype or custom machining, be sure to include a detailed image of the type of work you need done. We have available an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) form that you can require each bidder to agree to before viewing your job description, if you are concerned about patent or copyright infringement. Make sure to post in your job listing whether you need a production machining, screw machine shop, precision machining, high speed machining or cnc precision machining.

Metalworking Manufacturing - If you are looking to post your metalworking job on Contract Auction, make sure you are specific about the type of metalwork you need done and the type of metal you need. Do you need steel, aluminum or copper? Also, if you know the kind of processes you need, whether its forming, joining or cutting, list that in your job post as well. Post any other details you can that are related to casting, cutting, turning, threading and grinding processes.

Tooling - Do you need a a prototype or a custom tool made for your machine work or metalwork? When posting your tooling work on the bidding platform, it helps to include any drawings or diagrams of the type of tool you need. If you are concerned about copyright issues, make sure to select the option to require all potential bidders to agree to a Non-Disclosure Agreement before viewing your tooling design and custom work.

Precision Machine Work - Buyers who are seeking work that is done by a precision machine shop can specify that they need precision work done. Precision machinists who see jobs posted with work needed that they specialize in will then be drawn to bid on that specific type of work.

Home Machinists - Home machine shops can greatly benefit from using Contract Auction's free platform in that their marketing and advertising costs are discounted to nothing! Machinists, especially home machine shops, are the ones who usually feel the sting of the high costs of finding machine work the most.

Contract Auction's database of manufacturers and buyers is already filling up. Save money and get the best quality prototyping work for your money on your next manufacturing or machining job by posting that job on Contract Auction today.


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